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My mom noticed I had ‘’dressed like my dog’’ so this moment obviously needed to be eternalized.

My Medium name is only half of my real name. I used my full name for a few months but freaked out every time I imagined someone I know finding my little nook on the Internet, so I carefully cut it in half.

I’ve been wondering why the thought that…

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Something kept me from writing these words for the past month. Maybe it’s confusion, maybe it’s the belief that ‘’people wouldn’t understand’’, or maybe it’s because it literally took me a full month to process it. It’s probably a cocktail of all three.

And I’m happy I waited a month…

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I found a new topic to rabbit-hole into: Human Design. It’s a LOT to take in, and it’s incredibly fascinating. I’ve only scratched the surface of the insane complexity of the subject, so this article is not about human design. …

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I haven’t written a word in about two months. I’ve only written an About Me story and that was easy as it was, well, about me. Then I realized something. Every story is about me. Nothing has to be as complicated as I make it. I set the bar for…

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I generally try to avoid being around negative people. I’ve (successfully) built up this habit over years of practice, spotting patterns and knowing how to filter out the complainers, naggers, and negative Nancys of the world. Also, since you attract what you are, I’ve made a conscious effort to always…

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I recently spent €3450 on a six-month course to become a hypnotherapist. It’s by far the biggest (post-college) investment I’ve ever made in myself. I’m sure some people might call me crazy for spending that amount on something so seemingly random. To be frank, I called myself a little crazy.

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We all crave human connection. Scientist Matthew Lieberman even states that our need to connect is as crucial as our need for food and water. We all have this same basic need, but somehow we’re all mixed up in the ways in which we attempt to achieve this connection.


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Like many people, I was addicted to caffeine; the kind of in-denial addiction that makes you scoff and say ‘’Addicted? Of course not. I just like the taste’’ while as soon as you fail to pour your morning cup of joe, your productivity is doomed from the start.

I had…

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Our brains love having a cause to blame for our issues. It turns our lives into series of events that make sense in their context.

John Bell, a famous mathematician, dedicated his life to finding causation in the Universe. The big bang is the start of everything, but what was…

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‘’So are you happy in your job? Do you feel confident in your role?’’

I was stirring around in my soup. My CEO was sitting across from me, looking straight at me in anticipation of a response. It’s been about 9 months since I’ve closed off my student-life chapter and…

Ysa K.

Left-brain by day, right-brain by night. Passionate about music, writing, trying new things and exploring how to be a better human.

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